EUNICE & GEORGE | Toronto Minimalistic Mint Room Maternity Session

EuniceGeorgeTorontoMintRoomMaternitySession 1.jpg

It was an honour to have photographed a local family blogger: Eunice and George! They are both excited for their second baby girl on the way and so is little Rosie! She sure added a lot of fun into the session! She ran around barefoot exploring the space, inviting herself into photos, watching mommy and daddy pose and even helping us set up props! Little Rosie is ready to be a big sister!

This spring maternity/family session was perfect at the Mint Room Studio as it was still chilly outside in May. Though it was chilly outside but may be a bit too warm inside, and thankfully the staff had left a fan in the studio room a day before so we got to utilize it when we arrived. Hehe, we may not have used the fan for temperature purposes but more for creativity purposes for the photo session. It was unplanned, but that’s the best part right? Scroll down to see what we have done ;)

And congratulations again to George, Eunice and little Rosie on the new addition to the family!

EuniceGeorgeTorontoMintRoomMaternitySession 2.jpg
EuniceGeorgeTorontoMintRoomMaternitySession 12.jpg
EuniceGeorgeTorontoMintRoomMaternitySession 5.jpg
EuniceGeorgeTorontoMintRoomMaternitySession 8.jpg
EuniceGeorgeTorontoMintRoomMaternitySession 13.jpg
EuniceGeorgeTorontoMintRoomMaternitySession 3.jpg
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Photography: EC3 Moments
Studio: Mint Room
Family Blogger: GeorgEunice.Adventures