EC3 Moments...

β€œEC3 Moments” resonates from the book of the Bible - Ecclesiastes Chapter 3. This beautiful passage makes known that in everything there is a season…a time to love, to be born, to laugh, to mourn, to build up, to dance, to embrace and much more. Through engagement, wedding, newborn, pregnancy and many other milestones in life, we find joy in documenting these precious moments for our clients. Photographs serve as a great reminder of how we continually receive His abundant love each day! 

Here, we enjoy learning your unique love stories; from your first date to when she said yes! Our goal is to capture those candid moments of who YOU are! We strive in building strong relationships with our clients in order to capture unique moments that will bring a lifetime of memories, laughter and tears of joy.

We believe that every moments is worth snap away everyday! :)

There is a time for everything. Are you ready?    
Let's get in touch and begin this journey together!

WARDEN & MICHELE  (Photo Credit: Sarah Wong)

WARDEN & MICHELE (Photo Credit: Sarah Wong)

The MR & MRS...

Hi, we are the Mr & Mrs behind EC3 Moments! Yup, that's right we are a married couple as well as business partners running this Toronto based photography service. We are an easy going couple who have been married for a little over 2 years. In our journey together we are incredibly thankful and humbled by all that God has given to us in our courtship and marriage. We have been through many adventures together and are still exploring and stumbling through many things for the first time. These moments will never be forgotten and we have the photos to prove it! Now we want to share this experience with you by helping you and many others like yourself see the tremendous beauty that exists in your day to day. Every moment in life is precious.